Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Why is it hard to deal with stupid people?

Because they're too stupid to realize they're stupid. You're the one who has to be the bigger person because they don't even know what "being a bigger person" is.

It's funny how people love to talk behind your back, criticize every little thing you do, compare you to other people they've met - and yet when you look them in the eye and ask them directly, they clam up and act like they're God's little angels.

I mean c'mon. You can't find another human being with the same set of fingerprints you have. Don't expect a person to be of the same mold as you (in my opinion, that would be horrifying. To be as shallow & as stupid as you are. My God.) Learn how to deal with different personalities, and stop gossiping about them. You gossip about your friends, what does that say about you?

Before you judge other people, look inside your heart. I won't ask you to look in the mirror, it might be too smudged for you to see clearly. 

Don't just grow old, GROW UP.

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