Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Backseat Brooding: Alienation Sensation

Photos taken on the way to Manila last year (2013)

fast-paced city,
life left behind.
looking at the world
has it ever been kind?

Progress all around us
Suffering everywhere.
ignored with disdain
by people who don’t care.

Yes they live fast,
intent on leaving the past
What about those who can’t run
stuck in the mire
burning under the sun.
Will nobody help them?

Left to die in stagnation
forever in hibernation
waiting for reincarnation
wishing to any constellation
that in the next life,
in another world,
there’ll be no strife..
no hearts so cold.
No more alienation.

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  1. Deep, yet simplistic.. I like this one.. I related.. Like your style of describing your thoughts. If anyone reads this the way it was written, they too can feel your words as I did.. Thanks for sharing... More please. :) Thanks !


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