Friday, January 17, 2014

Fifty Shades of LIFE and why living feels like torture.

Life is a bitch. There's no use sugarcoating that. Because no matter how much you pretend that life is beautiful and easy and worth all the obstacles you have to endure all your life, the sad thing is, Life will make sure you don't forget that she is one helluva sadistic bitch.

She will whip, smack, punch, bludgeon, and strangle your fast-waning hope & positivity until you are in the brink of soul-death - gasping, begging, whimpering, slowly fading.

Until she gives you another glimmer of hope. A tiny sip of rejuvenating water. A false vision that everything is gonna be alright. To give you a surge of energy to continue living,  to fight another battle that life will give you, to believe that we can do it. We can survive it. That everything will be better if only we remain strong and steady. Yes Life whispers to us and urges us "just a bit more, almost there, it will be okay..."

And then as any two-faced sadistic bitch, the moment you think your goal is within your reach, SHIT HAPPENS. Life yanks you by your collar, pulls you back, and chuckles cruelly, teeth gleaming, eyes sparkling with cruel glee, and tells you in your face "Not so fast, fool."

*repeat torture*

Then life gives you another glimmer of hope.

Then you stumble (or pushed) into another big pile of crap.

The cycle continues.

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