Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Should we only love cute purebred dogs? How about the mutts? SHARE THE LOVE. (with UPDATES)

*To those who just wants to read the updates about DOGstoevsky, please scroll below*

I love animals more than I love people. Just this this morning (like ten minutes before I had to leave for work), my friend tagged me in a post and wanted me to watch a video of a dying stray dog that was granted his wish (I don't know how the animal communicator figured all that out though, maybe it's magic!) and I urge you to watch it.

Long story short, after crying my heart out, sobbing like a lost kid in a carnival, I put some dog food in a container so I could feed any stray dog I see - and quickly left the house. I don't want to be late for work, and I had to go someplace first. You see, last week I kept seeing this sickly and terribly emaciated dog on my way  to work - it's truly gut-wrenching to see him like that, but as you know life you can't always help every animal. I've been meaning to feed him since seeing him the first time but circumstances always prevented me from doing so (meaning, I'm always late for work).

The video I just mentioned (if you haven't clicked the link yet, I'm on my knees... watch it) opened my eyes and heart just a bit more. I have to do something now. I have to stop thinking and dreaming, and just do something. The first step is always just a teeny weenie baby step but it's also the most important - this morning I decided to get out of the jeepney, when I saw the dog in his same place (under the tricycle) looking weaker than ever, and feed him! It may not be as grand a gesture as building an animal shelter or whatnot, but like I've said, the first step no matter how small is the most important. I approached him, slowly so as not to startle him (he only managed to raise his head and his upper body) but when I whistled and said in a soothing voice "Here doggie, c'mon eat!", he tentatively sniffed around the dog food as if it's the first time he smelled food, and to my joy he started eating piece by piece. It's a kind of happiness I can't explain. I wanted to stay there just to watch him eat it one by one, but I'm running late for work. I managed to take some pics even though the people passing by were looking at me curiously. As if feeding a hungry dog and taking a picture of him is something weird and frowned upon. Should we always only take pictures of cute dogs? Should we only love cute purebred dogs?

I hope that one day, all of us realize that these mutts or strays should be loved as if they are our own pets. When I was feeding this dog, despite the poor condition he's obviously suffering, I still saw something in his eyes - a spark, like that of a slowly dying ember, but still there nonetheless - it's like I saw his soul (yes dogs have souls! Don't argue with me -_-) and all I saw was kindness and loyalty and the need to be loved & sheltered. It's heartbreaking. I wanted to take him home and bathe him and feed him as much as I feed my pets. But in reality, I can't always do that. I can't adopt every poorly-fed animals I see especially since he has an owner (and a terrible one!). What I can do is take that second baby step and bring him food and water tomorrow. And I'm looking forward to it. :)


(WEEK 1)

DAY 3: Again, I walked a short distance to feed this dog (I decided to name him Dostoevsky - or DOGstoevsky if I'm feeling goofy. But really, that's just his fancy name because in reality I just call him Doggie. lol.) and it's the first time I saw him stand up and walk! He did that when he saw me several feet away. He walked a few steps to where I usually put his food and waited for me to serve him the dog food. :)

DAY 4:  He's back in his lair (under the tricycle) and he won't eat the food while I'm looking. When I poured the dog food in front of him, he leaned forward to smell it, and I lightly/gently touched his paw. He flinched, but didn't react violently. He's just scared, and I'll show him that there are people that will love him and not hurt him.

DAY 7: I had to bring my own container for his water because someone keeps on removing what I brought the previous day. Today, he greeted me again and waited patiently for his food. He's such a sweet dog.
Comparing this pic from Day 3, I think he's gaining weight :) 

(WEEK 2)

DAY 8: Dostoevsky looked sad or weak. He didn't get up when he saw me, nor did he eat the food I gave him. I tried walking away from him to see if he'll eat when I'm out of sight, but he still didn't touch his food. I'm assuming he doesn't like the lamb/beef flavor (I bought it a few days ago) so on Day 9, I'll try mixing it with rice and meat.

DAY 9:  After being worried all day yesterday about my "new pet", I fixed his food immediately after waking up today. I mixed the dogfood with rice & meat and I made sure to give him extra servings. Guess what? He loved it! The minute he smelled the food that I brought him, he ate even while I was watching. He ate and ate and didn't care that I was still near him, taking some photos. It was an amazing feeling. I stood there for like ten minutes, just looking at him. Sometimes he looks at me too, with rice on his nose, his eyes just filled with melancholy & kindness. Sigh. I love this little guy.

(WEEK 3)

Week 3 with Dogstoevsky was unpredictable. There were days that he wasn't there in his usual spot and the only thing I can do is leave his food hoping that he finds it before another dog eats it. The first time that I didn't see him I was so worried & disappointed. Worried, because I kept thinking the whole day what if something bad happened to him? And disappointed, because I was bringing him a special meal of rice, dog food, hotdog, & ham.

But this week is also very important because this is the time wherein he responds when I whistle & approaches me. I put his water and food further away from his usual spot (it's in front of the gate, so they always remove his containers/food) and I only have to whistle and his ears perk up & then slowly approach me.

(WEEK 4)

He's still skinny, with ribs showing, but that's understandable because I can only manage to feed him once a day (during mornings, on my way to work) & also because he's not usually around after work. But he's more alert now & he's not that shy towards me anymore. :)

DAY 23: He recognizes me and he approaches me even when I only nod my head. He eats even when I'm nearby. We're bestfriends now! hehe

(WEEK 7)

DAY 49:  He's still thin, and I so want to ask his owner to give him to me.. But with 6 crazy pets in our house, I'm still biding my time. Maybe soon, hopefully. :)

DAY 50 (July 31, 2014):  This is the first time that he stood up and approached me without me whistling or nodding my head. It's a special day :) It's like he's been waiting for me and the second he saw me he became so excited - he usually waits for me to acknowledge him before he moves.

(WEEK 8: Aug. 6-13)

Finally, I tried patting his head. And he let me! Well, only for a few seconds lol. He was eating his special meal of rice/dog food/chicken and while he was eating and digging for his favorite - chicken breast bone, I seized the opportunity to try touching him. He was a bit startled but he let me pat his head for maybe ten to fifteen seconds until he grabbed his bone and went a few feet away. LOL. 

WEEK 10  

It's the first time I saw him sitting up like a guard dog while watching the streets - probably waiting for me. It's a wonderful feeling to see him NOT lying down like a sick dog. :)

4TH MONTH (Oct. 13)

I still regularly feed Dogstoevsky (I call him Doggie now actually LOL)... He's still super thin and frail-looking. I so want to adopt him, but I haven't gotten the opportunity yet to do so. His nails are so long, like eagle's talons, that's why he has a hard time walking. Most of the time he just lies down (bec. of his nails). He's such a kind dog. His owners obviously don't care about him. I will get him soon. 

OCTOBER 30, 2014

Today is a momentous day. These past few weeks have been a bit unbalanced regarding my schedule/waking time and so I haven't been able to feed him daily. This time, I did. When I saw him, he was lying as usual. I put the food down a few feet away from him and I whistled. He didn't approach me, so it made me wonder what's wrong. When I whistled again I saw him try to sit up - with great effort, I noticed - then I saw him drooling. Not like a mad dog. Just drooling like he's really in pain just trying to stand up. I almost cried right then and there to see such a broken-down animal. If you have been following my updates, you would know that I have been wanting to adopt him for awhile now but haven't gotten the courage to talk to the owners. This time I felt it's the right moment. If I wait longer he might die of hunger or god knows what. I don't know his real condition, maybe he's sick, maybe he won't last long even under my care. But that doesn't matter. I just want to care for him the best that I can and give him a pleasant dog life. At least he'll die happy.

So while gathering enough courage to talk to the owners, I didn't notice that someone saw me feed him. The woman approached me (the wife of the owner), and she smiled at me and said "So you're the one feeding him all this time." I smiled back and told her yes. I made a little lie and said that he looks a lot like my old dog when I was a kid so I kept feeding him, and added that I wanted to adopt him so much. Well, guess what? They agreed! We talked for a few more minutes and I found out that his name is Cally (used to be Calla Lily). Anyway, I went to work with a big smile and a happy heart. I wish Doggie will wait for me.

Meanwhile, I brought these to prepare for the special day!

A lot of people ask "Why do you feed this "ugly" dog? Why adopt him when you can get cute puppies?" "He's dirty, sickly, god knows what you'll get from him" they say. But you see, that's exactly why I wanted to help him. Because nobody else does. To make a real change, no matter how big or small, you need to do something what others wouldn't. 

From Dogstoevsky to Doggie to Cally (his real name), I decided to name him CHANCE. Animals also deserve to live a good life - a new beginning, a second chance to live with dignity. I want his name to be  something that means 'hope'. That however hopeless a situation one is in, someday, someone will change your world. It may be nothing to the rest of the world, but to this dog, this second chance is everything he has ever hoped for.

OCTOBER 31, 2014

Tried getting him today. He's too scared to be put in a tricycle. When we tried putting on his new collar, he almost leaped and he yelped. The owners promised to drop him off to our house tomorrow morning.

NOVEMBER 6, 2014

The first and only real setback. My mom (everyone in the house) wouldn't let me bring Chance home. Yeah. No 2nd chance for Chance. It may sound silly but I cried alot for not being able to bring him home as soon as possible and for not having the support I wanted from my family. One thing this has taught me is that most people would lecture you about giving & sacrifices & being a good person (and quoting the bible ad nauseum) but when you actually try to help, they tell you that you can only help UP TO A CERTAIN EXTENT. Yeah yeah I get it, Chance might have some diseases or whatever. But I've known this dog for more than four months. FOUR MONTHS OF FEEDING HIM DAILY! I have approached him, I have patted his head, I have touched his dirty paws - you would think if he's crazy or rabid he would have already bitten my arm off. So yeah, my mom said I could be an animal lover, I could help animals all I want - as long as I don't bring them home. That feeding them is enough. LOL. Is that what Jesus preaches???? To help others only once a day or whatever? ONLY if you DON'T let them inside your home??? Yeah. And my parents are wondering why the hell I don't go to church???? I'd rather help because that's what my heart tells me, than help because it's what a bunch of hypocritical priests preaches. (rant sorry. I'm just tired of hearing my parents bugging me to go to church - AS IF THAT'S GONNA CLEANSE MY SOUL! LOOK IN THE MIRROR!)

I've been called selfish alot, and I am. But is this particular selfishness (of wanting to adopt him) a bad thing?. Well, she said, EVERYONE agrees that Chance shouldn't be here. Well that settles it then huh?

NO! I will get him! I just have to find a way how to make them agree.

NOVEMBER 16, 2014

Finally! I got him! :) The transfer was a bit rough for him, but a few more days I hope he'll get settled. The owner helped me with the transport. He had to use a makeshift collar/leash. Chance fought with the rest of his remaining strength trying to struggle, I think he thought that he was going to be executed. You know that feeling when someone's got you pinned down and tickling you nonstop and you give your 100% trying to escape the torture? That's exactly what Chance did.. He was so scared, I felt bad. But there's no other way to do it.. I can't bathe him and cut his nails yet, he's too scared for that. I was patting him, and when Scout (my dog) tried to wiggle her way through the barricade (to sniff at Chance), Chance got rattled and he whimpered. I have to wait a few more days to do that. He also escaped the pen where he was supposed to be isolated (so the dogs won't stress him out) and he went into some corner. For now I put some tarpaulin to barricade him from the pups until I can transfer him to his pen.

This is where he "migrated" 

He's not eating that much.
I hope it's just because he's adjusting.

Stay tuned for more Chance-Dogstoevsky updates!

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  1. ............ I cried when I read this..... from happiness...
    Unspeakable loving generosity shown to a helpless, living, loving creature, that a chain happens sadly to be his only companion. Starving,thirsty and longing for a kind touch and some morsels of energy to smile and wag his tail to the kind person that gave a damn to to see his sadness. I am speechless... I cried so hard, because when I was reading this most beautifully shared story of a womans heart sharing with something so helpless and grateful, I could only feel such love and compassion it made my heart smile with pleasure to know there are still REAL people that walk this planet..You are a saint for caring as you do, never change that, it is priceless.. Hugging the dog and you..Thanks so much for sharing your story..

    1. I just wish I can do more.. I want to help more animals. Especially in our country, laws/regulations are not enough or there isn't much awareness regarding animal rights. They eat dogs. they abuse them esp mutts. They think mutts are worthless and not the same with purebreds. I think that's stupid.

  2. Love the story . :) Keep me posted please !!!

    1. Thank you for reading! I will definitely post updates :)

  3. I respect your wanting to help.. You are a kind person...

    1. Good job !! :) Keep up the good work, it touches me to see such devotion and caring.. You are making a huge difference to this little dog.. :)

  4. great job. but, when'll u adopt him?!

    1. I'm thinking of adopting him this month or the next.. I'm still observing him , whether he'll be ok with me putting him on a leash and in a car.. he's not used to people touching him.. that's why I'm still trying to condition him.. thanks for reading!

  5. Your dedication is commendable, your love and caring is a model image of how others should think and do, I respect you greatly!!!

  6. You've gotta keep us posted. I admire your dedication to helping him, he's beautiful (even if he's not a purebred puppy).

    He's owned? And in that condition?

    I love the amount of trust you've already gained with him, I agree dogs do have souls.. They're so responsive to us. Good luck with him, he looks like he could be a real sweet dog.

    1. Thank you Jen! It's nice to see other people responding to my post because I wanna share how important it is to help a dog/cat in such a condition. Even if we only help one dog in our life, that would really mean something.

      Yep, he's owned. :( When I first found him he was sooo thin and weak-looking that I thought he was nearing death. It looked like the owner was just letting him die. There's another dog with him (in the junkyard) but that dog looks fed, though he's also dirty. I guess the owner likes the other dog better.

      He is very sweet. His eyes are so kind and he looks gentle. I'll definitely update you when there's more progress.

  7. So awesome that you have him now!!

    Do you have a veterinary appointment yet? Getting him on a feeding schedule for weight gain will help, you don't want to overfeed him or you can make him sick.

    ~DZ Dog Mom

    1. Hello! Right now, no vet appt.. partly bec it's not in my budget, but mostly bec to transfer him is difficult...

      I feed him morning and evening.. he eats well now. but still stays in one place, hiding..


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