Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Table Manners Matters, Bon Appetit!

Lay her down - the bed or the floor,
or slam her body against the wall.
Brush her hair gently away from her face,
or grab a fistful of it -- Ahh, that sweet grimace.

Kiss her face, her lips, her earlobes.
Feathery, spine-tingling kisses all over.
Watch her expression's subtle change,
Feel her shiver under your gaze.

Caress her throat.
Bite her, mark her.
Down, down, she groans.
Worship her breasts.
Feed your urge to suckle.
Suck her nipples until her knees buckle.
Down, down.
Her skin is on fire.
Unrestrained desire floods her.
Watch her squirm.
Mindless mumbling.
Moaning obscenities.
Lower, lower.
Feel her legs tremble.

Watch her open up.
Unconsciously, involuntarily.
Touch her ever so lightly,
Feast your eyes as she spreads her legs widely.

Smell her.
Taste her.
Feel her.
Devour her.
Make her go crazy.

Look up.
Look in her eyes, tell her what you want.
Look in her eyes as she stares back,

That primal desire - animalistic, raw.
Ignite it with your greedy mouth,
Hear her moan.
Let her rub herself against your face. Violently.
Let her beg. She's at your mercy.
Let her lock your head in between her legs,
Your face buried deep.
Let her flood you with her sweetest nectar.
Drink, like you're in a desert and you're thirsty.
Lick. She's a popsicle dripping in a hot car.
You're a slave to her pussy.
Lick. Just lick.

Feel her succumbing,
feed on her.
Feel her submitting,
open her up.
Eat her.
C'mon, lick.

Violate her deliciously.

Fuck. Don't stop.

You still have your pants on.

It's gonna be a long night.

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Saturday, March 7, 2015

Manalig Ka Lang.

Minsan, darating talaga sa buhay ng tao na iaalay mo na lahat ng meron ka sa kung sinong santo man ang pwede mong tawagin dahil nasa isang sitwasyon ka na sobrang hirap at di mo na alam ang gagawin mo. Yung feeling na atheista ka pero bigla ka mananalangin sa diyos na maykapal na sana.... sana....

Natigilan ako sa pagmumuni-muni dahil tagos sa eardrum  ang boses ni manong barker na nagtatawag ng pasaheros.
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