Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Should we only love cute purebred dogs? How about the mutts? SHARE THE LOVE. (with UPDATES)

*To those who just wants to read the updates about DOGstoevsky, please scroll below*

I love animals more than I love people. Just this this morning (like ten minutes before I had to leave for work), my friend tagged me in a post and wanted me to watch a video of a dying stray dog that was granted his wish (I don't know how the animal communicator figured all that out though, maybe it's magic!) and I urge you to watch it.

Long story short, after crying my heart out, sobbing like a lost kid in a carnival, I put some dog food in a container so I could feed any stray dog I see - and quickly left the house. I don't want to be late for work, and I had to go someplace first. You see, last week I kept seeing this sickly and terribly emaciated dog on my way  to work - it's truly gut-wrenching to see him like that, but as you know life you can't always help every animal. I've been meaning to feed him since seeing him the first time but circumstances always prevented me from doing so (meaning, I'm always late for work).

The video I just mentioned (if you haven't clicked the link yet, I'm on my knees... watch it) opened my eyes and heart just a bit more. I have to do something now. I have to stop thinking and dreaming, and just do something. The first step is always just a teeny weenie baby step but it's also the most important - this morning I decided to get out of the jeepney, when I saw the dog in his same place (under the tricycle) looking weaker than ever, and feed him! It may not be as grand a gesture as building an animal shelter or whatnot, but like I've said, the first step no matter how small is the most important. I approached him, slowly so as not to startle him (he only managed to raise his head and his upper body) but when I whistled and said in a soothing voice "Here doggie, c'mon eat!", he tentatively sniffed around the dog food as if it's the first time he smelled food, and to my joy he started eating piece by piece. It's a kind of happiness I can't explain. I wanted to stay there just to watch him eat it one by one, but I'm running late for work. I managed to take some pics even though the people passing by were looking at me curiously. As if feeding a hungry dog and taking a picture of him is something weird and frowned upon. Should we always only take pictures of cute dogs? Should we only love cute purebred dogs?

I hope that one day, all of us realize that these mutts or strays should be loved as if they are our own pets. When I was feeding this dog, despite the poor condition he's obviously suffering, I still saw something in his eyes - a spark, like that of a slowly dying ember, but still there nonetheless - it's like I saw his soul (yes dogs have souls! Don't argue with me -_-) and all I saw was kindness and loyalty and the need to be loved & sheltered. It's heartbreaking. I wanted to take him home and bathe him and feed him as much as I feed my pets. But in reality, I can't always do that. I can't adopt every poorly-fed animals I see especially since he has an owner (and a terrible one!). What I can do is take that second baby step and bring him food and water tomorrow. And I'm looking forward to it. :)


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