About Me

I'm OFTEN cynical.. OCCASIONALLY optimistic.. RARELY moralistic.. NEVER idealistic.

Deep conversations excite me... Silence in my own room soothes me.

It's not that I'm open for ANYTHING, it's just that I'm NOT CLOSING myself to EVERYTHING.

I read & absorb life around me so that when I smile or talk to friends, they can't help but notice the sparkle in my eyes that says I know something they don't, and the mischievousness in my smile which says that I've experienced something that blew my mind which they couldn't even begin to comprehend.

To live for centuries without aging is such a fascinating thought I would probably sell my soul to the devil for that. Imagine all the books you'll be able to read, the movies you can watch, all the art you can see, the places you can travel - because you have all the time in the world. Could somebody please discover the fountain of youth already?! Calling all the vampires out there, here's my neck. I will gladly offer myself - as long as I don't have to drink blood. To have that supernatural strength & speed (among other vampiric qualities) is something that entices me very much. Why? Because....

... Sometimes I get this insane obsession of being a vigilante with superpowers because I want to annihilate all the serial killers/rapists, dirty politicians who destroy our nation's growth for their own greed, and "people" who abuse children & animals. Just all the filth that make living in this world unpleasant. Especially the cockroaches -_-

And that's why I distract myself with books and movies. Not only to escape reality, but to escape my fantasies. hahaha.

I love animals more than I love people. Just the sight (or thought) of an animal suffering/caged/starving makes me wanna cry - or worse, kill myself! So is it really surprising if I show you a bunch of photos of my pets? :)

Cuervo & Meow
Kitty Perry & Meow Tse Tung
Meow, Kitty, and our newly adopted kitten - 
The Grey Catsby
My new puppies: Scout & Boo Radley 
Kitty's expression is epic! hahahaha
Pancho, my mischievous dog who thinks he's a horse.
He's been missing since 2013.
When I finally become a vampire I will hunt those
dognappers down and do horrible things to them
that I won't mention in here.

And that's it. That's all you need to know about me.

If you want to talk, just post your comments below, or you can reach me here:

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